Adisseo Rovabio Advance feedase

Company Overview

The enzyme solution Adisseo Rovabio Advance is a feedase to improve the digestibility of all feed nutrients, including amino acids, phosphorus and calcium, in any type of diet. Rovabio Advance’s efficacy is explained by the presence of arabinofuranosidases (ABFs), a debranching enzyme. These enzymes work synergistically with xylanases to efficiently break down complex fiber structures in plant cell walls. By removing hampering branches from these fibers, these enzymes open room to allow the xylanases access to the backbone of the fiber chain, greatly boosting their efficacy. In addition, there are two newly expressed kinds of xylanases (XynC, XynG) in Rovabio Advance as well as an increased presence of XynB and XynD, compared to the former product, Rovabio Excel. This range of xylanases in combination with ABFs explains the consistency of the results regardless of the feed composition.

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