NETZSCH NEMO B.Max Mixing Pump

Company Overview

The NEMO B.Max Mixing Pump from NETZSCH Pumps North America is a solution for transferring substrates to a biogas plant. The pump is particularly well-suited for fermented renewable raw material (NAWARO), liquid manure, solid manure, process water, biowaste, and food waste. It is also a good choice for preprocessed slaughterhouse waste, cosubstrates, concentrated substrates, and slop. The pump also handles substrates that must be mixed with process water or liquid manure directly in the pump hopper without the need for additional mixing equipment.

The NEMO B.Max offers maximum substrate homogenization, increased gas production, continuous low-pulsation conveyance – independent of pressure and viscosity – as well as high pressure capability, robust drive seals, low investment and operating costs, and high operating safety.

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