UniMove Vacuum Lifters CM500 vacuum tube lifter

Company Overview

UniMove Vacuum Lifters presents its CM500 vacuum tube lifter for safe and ergonomic handling of bags, boxes, pails, drums, sheet rock and more. A robust pulley-driven power unit, operated at up to 5000 rpm, provides the highest lifting capacity in the industry and the ability to effectively handle both porous and non-porous materials.  A 5” diameter copolymer RHINO Tube lasts significantly longer than traditional lifting tubes. When coupled with standard stainless-steel components, these proven products provide years of trouble-free service. With a capacity of 140 pounds (non-porous, 110 pounds* porous), automatic balance control, and the ability to accommodate 6-10 moves per minute, the CM500 is ideal for in-plant material handling, warehouse lifting, production line work, and more.  

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