Specim SpecimONE spectral imaging platform

Company Overview

Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd., presents the SpecimONE spectral imaging platform for the industrial sorting market. With SpecimONE, machine builders, vision systems integrators and other OEM's will improve their time-to-market by taking advantage of SpecimONE's development practices and creating sorting applications without coding or in-depth knowledge of hyperspectral imaging.

SpecimONE is compatible with major industrial standards and allows seamless integration with machine vision systems e.g. Halcon and Sherlock. When combining hyperspectral imaging technology's flexibility with a simplified platform, end-customers can create unlimited amounts of new sorting applications.

SpecimONE includes industry-proven Specim FX series hyperspectral camera, SpecimCUBE processing hardware, and SpecimINSIGHT off-line software tool.  

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