Phileo Lesaffre Selsaf

Company Overview

Selsaf is Phileo’s nutritional solution enriched in organic selenium. It helps the body against oxidative stress (which is detrimental to animal performance), both in the short term (due to the selenocysteine) and in the long-term (due to the selenomethionine) and boosts natural defenses of animals. 

This dual protection leads to dual benefits to farmers and consumers. For farmers, Selsaf supports animal health (better embryo viability and survival rate, more selenium transfer to offspring, less morbidity) and increases animal performance (higher feed efficiency, growth performance, laying intensity).In reducing the oxidation, and therefore the rancidity of animal-derived end-products, Selsaf also brings  benefits to consumers, with more selenium in meat, milk and eggs, and more food pleasure with increased meat quality (less drip loss, increased juiciness and tenderness).

Selsaf has a high concentration of organic selenium and a consistent active seleno-compound profile, with 2/3 selenomethionine and 1/3 selenocysteine and other active seleno-compounds. It also allows better selenium assimilation to enhance resistance against oxidative stress by boosting glutathion peroxidase activity and enrich Se concentration of meat, dairy and eggs for the consumer.

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