Ziggity Systems drinkers

Ziggity Systems is introducing a new line of drinkers – the Max8 – to maximise layer production as well as to help achieve and maintain dry manure. The company’s researchers have spent three years designing, refining and field testing these drinkers. They are not modified broiler drinkers but rather they have been specifically designed for commercial layers aged 18 weeks and older. The main features of the drinkers to reduce leakage are: - heavier shut-off ball that is less likely to rattle off the seat -the ball-to-seat contact point is higher, which means more of the ball's weight is below the seat - the trigger pinhead only allows water to be released when birds activate the drinker - the metering pin is more resistant to chlorine and other chemicals - the gap between the metering pin and cap is increased, reducing the possibility of sediment becoming lodged in this area. Furthermore, the seat is installed into the body and not into the cap, making the drinker easier to fully disassemble and clean.

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