HabasitLink M5060 Flat Top 2” belt

The HabasitLink M5060 Flat Top 2” belt from Habasit has been especially developed for hygiene-critical food applications, such as meat processing. The new plastic modular belt has fewer hinge links than other modular belts, reducing the possibilities for debris to become trapped and less cleaning is required. The link design provides higher link strength, particularly against impact. The patented ‘oblong holes’ were re-designed and give easy access for the water into the area around the rod, as well as allowing water to penetrate and clean the hinge area more efficiently than round holes. The belt underside features patented dynamic open hinges as well as offset hinges, both of which allow for quick cleaning. The belt is equipped with the patented ‘Smart Fit’, which means the rod can be removed with just a screwdriver.

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