Big Dutchman AVECH colony housing systems


Big Dutchman's AVECH or Adaptable Versatile Enriched Colony Housing systems are available at enrichable or fully enriched levels. With colonies ranging from 27 to 34 birds, floor space ranges from 87 inches² to 69 inches² per hen with a cage height of 17 inches at the center to 21 inches at the feed trough. In the enrichable configuration the colony is provided with chain feeding, and a center nipple line. When partitions are removed to allow colonies of either 60 or 72 hens a floor space of 116 inches² or 97 inches² is allowed. Each colony unit has a litter mat at one end and a partitioned nest area with a mat at the other. Parallel perch rails are installed to allow either 5.9 inches or 4.9 inches per hen depending on density within the module.

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