Key Technology conveyors


Key Technology's range of conveyors includes horizontal motion conveyors, Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors and Impulse vibratory conveyors. Horizon, Key's horizontal motion conveyor, is capable of moving product at speeds up to 42 feet per minute on a single continuous conveyor up to 100 feet long, the company says. Iso-Flo conveyors feature a patent-pending drive arrangement, frame design and screen clamp, all of which maximize machine efficiency, enhance sanitation and improve ergonomics on processing and/or packaging lines. Impulse vibratory conveyors feature frame-mounted electromagnetic drives, which make it ideal for processing and packaging distribution lines that require precise metering and low maintenance drives such as for product mixing, ingredient feeding and scale feeding. Iso-Flo, Impulse and Horizon vibratory conveyors feature a sanitary rotary finish that provides a smoother stainless steel surface that resists bacterial attachment and biofilm formation. Compared to the industry-standard 2B finish, Key’s rotary polish within the product contact zones improves sanitation to maximize food safety. Vibratory and motion conveyors have four possible manufacturing specifications: Basic, Standard, Standard +, and Enhanced.

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