Siemens AG dry solid meter product line

Siemens AG's solid meter product line featurest the Sitrans WF100, Sitrans WF200 and Sitrans WF250 strain-gauge load cell based flowmeters. These new flowmeters provide effective measuring for compact installations and high capacity applications and offer accurate and reliable measurements of the material feed rate and accumulated total for a wide range of applications and materials. These materials include lime, cement, grain, and plastic pellets. WF100 handles flowrates of 1 to 200 t/h (1 to 220 STPH), while the Sitrans WF200 series handles flowrates of 200 to 900 t/h (220 to 990 STPH). The WF250 is for use with air-activated gravity conveyors or air slides, typically found in cement processing.

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