Hotraco Agri Orion poultry computer


The Hotraco Agri Orion poultry computer gives the user complete control over all housing processes such as climate, feed and water, egg flow and animal weighing. The Hotraco Agri Orion poultry computer’s management program enables users to optimize the living conditions of the animals as well as achieve considerable cost savings by reducing energy consumption, feed and labor. The computer’s touch-screen operation can be customized by the user its design and is similar to a smartphone or tablet interface. All texts can be configured and the computer can be set up in any language.

Hotraco Agri have expanded and adapted various controls in the Orion, resulting in new climate and ventilation options. A new feature is the determination of wind chill for broilers, which is based on the measured room temperature, air speed and humidity. 

Furthermore, the cascade control for the inlet valves has been extended, the tunnel inlet valves can be controlled in several groups, the mixed ventilation control has been doubled and an option has been added for linking the universal ventilation control to the calculated ventilation position with a synchronous curve.

In the Orion it is now possible to feed in groups. To send the animals to the right floor and to get them back into the systems on time, especially in free-range and aviary barns, the feed chains can be controlled in three groups. With the adapted control for the feed weigher, the Orion can combine silos. 

Another feature is a control for sending an empty signal from a silo with a sensor, instead of by silo weight, to prevent an excessively fast switchover to another silo. A final extension is the capability to stop the feed control at a set day and time to allow the animals to fast for the emptying of the barns.


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