DuPont Detect + Protect food protection service

DuPont’s team will assess the microbial environment through sampling and biomapping, monitor the microbial evolution in products, and control unwanted organisms with antimicrobials and/or processing hurdles. Manufacturers can take advantage of single modules or all three. The service also helps with reducing spoilage and food waste. Products can be made fresher for longer periods, helping to increase the bottom line. The Detect + Protect food microbiologists use all the capabilities of DuPont, including the latest genotyping methods and specific media, high-throughput microbial screening equipment, as well as their knowledge in food applications and antimicrobial solutions. To support this program, DuPont has gathered a team of senior scientists, food microbiologists and statisticians to come up with an understanding of the microbial ecology of the analyzed food product and relevant solutions.  Detect + Protect gives manufacturers the possibility to make the invisible visible and help them find an executable solution for their environment.

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