RGF Environmental Group PHI treatment

RGF Environmental Group Photohydroionization (PHI) treatment is a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly advanced oxidation technology utilizing high intensity broad-spectrum ultraviolet light rays in conjunction with a hydrated quad-metallic catalytic target in a safe, low-level, humid ozone atmosphere. The resulting non-penetrating, ionizing UV radiation in an advanced oxidation atmosphere is an effective and safe food sanitation method for food processors. The treatment offers pathogen control and sanitation in every field of application including beef, chicken, pork and fish as well as vegetables, grains, fruits, brine and marinades, water and ice. This sanitation method is an advantage when treating ground meats, such as poultry, since most meat contamination is on the surface and the grinding operation mixes any surface contamination throughout the mixture. Other benefits of PHI treatment include reducing waste, improving production cycles to market and reducing spoilage.The concept behind PHI is to utilize the efficiency of radiation on the surface of the product without the traditional problems associated with penetrating radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays. The PHI treatment, unlike chemicals, does not affect the taste or appearance of the product. PHI systems range from food surface treatment tunnels, fluid sterilizers, UVAO panels, Food Pure, HVAC and REME/PHI systems.

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