Gainco YieldScan rapid yield analyzer


The Gainco YieldScan rapid yield analyzer is a poultry debone line monitoring system that employs vision-based detection technology to enable more bird frames to be evaluated. It offers an evaluation speed of less than two seconds per frame. YieldScan’s near-infrared LED illumination technology enables more bird frames to be evaluated in real time, at the same time that high-value meat yields are maximized.YieldScan’s software platform incorporates Yeager Gore scoring for accurate identification of residual meat levels and where they’re located on the frames, so processors can capture accurate information on overall yields, establish benchmarks for productivity, and take quick corrective actions right when the need arises.

The cones are made of a food-safe, high-density polyethylene material that is illuminated by high-intensity NIR LED. As light passes from the illuminated cone through the meat, there is a direct correlation between the transmitted intensity and the thickness of the meat.Gainco YieldScan creates an environment of improved worker industriousness and conscientiousness as well as more flexibility in managing production line personnel to pinpoint performance problems for immediate intervention and attention. The analyzer offers the ability to structure incentive pay programs for operating personnel, based on objective data rather than subjective factors.