Sanovo Technology Group BreakerPro

Sanovo Technology Breaker Pro

The SANOVO BreakerPro has a high yield and effective sustainability solutions, enabling customers to produce at a high performance level while protecting the environment. The BreakerPro 18 is the largest model available in the series and can process up to 226,800 (630 cases/hour). All BreakerPro models come with an optimized egg cracker design, a longer machine frame and an optional egg white recovery unit. The BreakerPro comes with a green design, achieved through an optimized CIP system, leading to a reduction in water and chemical use and by ensuring that no water spillage occurs. The BreakerPro also introduces a new advanced multi-color touch panel, multi-function LED bars and an optimized scanner system - all to ensure the highest possible product quality and an improved operator experience. 

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