Vencomatic Veranda Breeder group housing system

Vencomatic Veranda Breeder Group Housing System

The Vencomatic Veranda Breeder group housing system for for hatching egg production has been designed to meet the requirements of modern breeders and fully complies to European standards for animal welfare. Birds are housed in a healthy environment and have controlled access to a scratching area where they are able to perform their natural dust bathing behavior. The integrated nest box closes at night, which prevents contamination by the birds. Possible out-of-nest eggs roll to the nest automatically, as the slats are sloping. The manure falls onto a manure belt and is transported out of the house frequently. Ammonia and fine dust levels are extremely low, improving a healthy climate for both birds and employees. The birds are housed on hygienic slats, which reduces the contact of birds with manure, improving bio-security and reducing exposure to pathogens.

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