Dramm MistTime 10 controller

Dramm Mist Time 10 Controller

The Dramm MistTime 10 controller offers 10 outputs that can be independently programmed for cyclical misting. An optional temperature sensor can change the unit into a mist cooling control. Up to six time buckets can allow growers to create a misting curve to change the misting interval throughout the day.

The MistTome 10 has been updated in 2018 to include a manual cycle that can be run anytime the grower feels an extra shot of mist is required. This program allows the operator to elect to run a single, manual cycle of any valve, using the pre-programmed on-time. Once the single cycle has run, the controller will revert back to its previous program and continue to operate as normal. The update also adds both Spanish and French language programming so that different operators may use the controller in their native language.  

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