SwiNco Opticare Ferment S fermented soy protein

Swi Nco Opticare Ferment S Fermented Soy Protein

SwiNco Opticare Ferment S is a high quality fermented soy protein for piglets. It is a cheap alternative to expensive animal protein sources such as milk powder, whey powder, fish meal and blood plasma. Since lactic acid bacteria are added to the fermentation process of soy, Opticare Ferment S contains a lot of lactic acid, which enhances the flavor and acts as antimicrobial. The present lactic acid bacteria act as probiotics. The fermentation process and the addition of lactic acid bacteria improve the digestibility and intake of piglet feed. The anti-nutritional factors, which are normally present in soy, are converted in positive components by the production process.

Opticare Ferment S can be best used in piglet feed as replacer for animal protein sources. The product has a dry matter content of 89.5 percent and contains per kg dry matter 505g crude protein, 22g fat and 45g starch.

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