JH AGRO Forsuring NH4+ system

Jh Agro Forsuring Nh4 System

In the JH AGRO Forsuring NH4+ system, manure from the pig stable will automatically be pumped into the process tank and mixed with sulfuric acid to adjust the pH value from about 7 to 5-6. When the pH value of the slurry is lowered, ammonia NH3 is converted to ammonium NH4+. Ammonium does not evaporate but stays in the slurry as plant-available-N. The treatment reduces ammonia evaporation by up to 64 percent on a pig farm from the stable, during slurry storage and during application of slurry to fields. 

The system consists of an acid tank and a process tank to which slurry is automatically pumped from the stables and mixed with sulfuric acid. The system is connected by pipes to the existing stables and the slurry storage tank on the farm. The process tank is made of concrete. The size of the process tank is adapted to the size of the individual farm. Fitting for the stirrer and the pump in the process tank is made in acid-resistant stainless steel.

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