Motomco Hawk soft bait

Motomco Hawk Soft Bait

Motomco Hawk soft bait is a rodenticide for agricultural producers seeking solutions to any rodent control problem. It has a highly palatable, sunflower oil-based formula with a specific balance of saturated and unsaturated fats. The manufacturing process ensures the surface area of the soft bait comes into maximum contact with the paper sachet, further maximizing bait acceptance. Hawk soft bait is designed to withstand any climate; in colder areas, the bait won’t freeze, and when temperatures and humidity rise, the bait is both mold and heat-resistant.

Hawk soft bait is available in 16 lb pails with a 10 gm sachet size, allowing for greater flexibility to be used in either mouse or rat placement applications. It is registered for sale in all states except California and is available through Motomco’s nationwide network of distributors and animal health suppliers.

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