BL√úCHER HygienicPro drainage system

BLÜCHER HygienicPro drainage system

The BL√úCHER HygienicPro drainage system features high-capacity point and linear drains that provide efficient flow and a high level of self-cleaning, are easy to clean and prevent bacterial growth while limiting water volumes and production downtime necessary for operating and cleaning the drainage system.

he HygienicPro range:

  •  Point drains or linear drains with center or end outlet

  •  Channel lengths 1 - 10 metres

  •  Channel lengths connected to outlet box at different angles

  •  Outlet box and filter basket in three sizes

  •  Vertical or horizontal outlet

With a product range consisting of modular components with numerous possible combinations complemented by project-designed bespoke products, BLUŐąCHER provides customer specific and hygienic drainage solutions to match any drainage project.

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