Feed Energy R2 Premium Brand of Nutrients

The Feed Energy R2 Premium Brand of Nutrients has natural anti-pathogenic properties that help to control the pathogens that threaten all poultry and swine producers. Those pathogens include E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, and Clostridium. Feed Energy's laboratory studies proved that R2 would control as much as 95 percent of the patogens in feed. 

This Premium Brand of Nutrients include different products, such as: 

  • BuildR2: provides optimum levels of linoleic acid for breeding sows to aid in conception rates and increase the number of live pigs born per litter. 
  • StartR2: provides nursery pigs with the nutrients they need for higher survival and weight gain through the first 6-8 weeks of their life. 
  • SupR2 Blend: delivers balanced levels of essential fatty acids and the high metabolizable energy required for efficient weight gain in turkeys. 
  • OptimizR2: was specially created for No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) poultry and pork producers.
  • ProducR2: is the custom made all vegetable product created for producers feeding both poultry and swine.
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