SANOVO and Ovotrack Breaker Batches

Sanovo Ovotrack

SANOVO and Ovotrack have developed their first joint software solution for egg processing companies: Breaker Batches. This module within the Ovotrack system allows egg processing companies to capture the exact breaking results of the eggs for individual batches while maintaining production speed. Breaker Batches is available for all new OptiBreakers but also available as an upgrade feature for existing Optibreaker machines from SANOVO. 

These breakers require the Egg-It Switch batch change module which uses RFID to change from one batch to another. 

The new module solves a very common problem for egg processing companies. Before this solution was available, they had to run empty between batches to collect this data. Which would lead to production loss. 

Information like whole eggs percent, lost egg percent and average number of eggs per hour per batch is now available instantly and can be used to analyze the quality of eggs that have been processed. It will also help to decide which eggs to be used for specific production runs. 

It’s the first solution SANOVO and Ovotrack developed together. They announced a strategic alliance in May 2020.