Royal DSM HiPhorius

Royal Dsm Hi Phorius

HiPhorius is an innovative phytase solution that delivers more consistent improvements in performance, along with higher nutrient matrix values. Royal DSM-Novozyme alliance's phytase solution is designed to help poultry producers achieve sustainable and profitable protein production. HiPhorius is a complete phytase solution, that will deliver consistent improvements in animal performance and allow producers increased efficiency and opportunity to reduce feed costs. 

Its commercial release will improve the market standard for phytase technology and enable access to high potency phytase, giving producers more flexibility in diet optimization. HiPhorius enables producers to expect increased efficiency, improved thermostability and access to digital services, giving producers opportunities to reduce feed costs. The phytate-degrading properties of HiPhorius enable precision nutrition with the use of digestible calcium for optimum broiler performance. Using end-to-end digital services for intelligent phytase nutrition.

HiPhorius allows a significant reduction of phosphorous in monogastric diets. The addition of HiPhorius directly contributes to a significant decrease of phosphorus emissions from poultry, swine and fish farming. This not only optimizes value for the farmer but also reduces the environmental footprint of animal production.