Marel 1000mm Coating Line

Marel Coating Line

Marelโ€™s modular 1000mm Coating Line can create a wide variety of end products by allowing different combinations of modules. For quick change-overs from one product type to another, modules can be added, taken out or replaced by other modules.

To enable higher throughput, the 1000mm Active Flour Applicator, Active Batter Applicator and Active Tempura Applicator feature wider belts and more robust, fail-safe designs. These systems lay the foundation for a good-looking end product, thanks to even coverage of both the top and the bottom of the products. The most distinctive components in the 1000mm portfolio are RevoCrumb and RevoBreader. RevoCrumb 1000mm gives control over crumb distribution for accurately coated products. RevoBreader 1000mm features both flatbed and drum breader modes in one enclosure, allowing a quick switch between homestyle and standard coated products.