Marel Atlas Rfid

Marelโ€™s Innova Flock Intake software module automates data collection, resulting in minimized human errors and streamlined production flow. 

RFID (radio-frequency identification) is a technique to store data on a minuscule chip. An electromagnetic reader reads the data on the chip. All ATLAS pallets and trays in the SmartStack module feature two stainless steel holders at both short ends, into which a round RFID chip fits. When the unique code of this chip is scanned, Innova software connects the data to the system. 

Instead of paper notes, ATLAS uses a scanner and RFID chips. Each truck has a unique code, as has each driver, each farm and each flock. Once these codes are registered in the system, it is known what kind of broilers arrive at the processing plant, to which flock they belong and from what farm they originate. All data is immediately and automatically stored to ensure full traceability. The only manual operation left is using the hand scanner.