Nepal's poultry production is expected to rise by 30%, to a value of Rs 53 billion (US$1.16 billion), through the end of 2011 due to increased demand, according to reports.

The country's investment in poultry has already increased the industry's value by Rs 2 billion (US$43.9 million) and 5,000 farms. “New investments are coming in feed, hatchery, egg production and broiler chicken production in new urban areas where the demand for poultry products is growing sharply," said Dr. Til Chandra Bhattarai, a poultry researcher and managing director of poultry producer Pancha Ranta Group.


Nepal's poultry sector has seen double-digit growth for the last seven years, according to Bhattarai. In 2010, production of poultry products, including chicks, broilers, eggs and feed, increased by 23% to reach Rs 41 billion (US$899.9 million).