The 2011 WATT Executive Guide to World Poultry Trends, available in a digital format at, is the resource you need to keep track of every major aspect of the poultry business around the world. The Executive Guide covers both poultry meat and eggs in a global context, from production to trade and consumption. It is your unique reference to the current situation for the poultry industry worldwide and to forecasts from leading analysts about the development of the market over the next five to 10 years.

In addition to the digital magazine, WATTAgNet is exclusively offering the featured data as downloadable spreadsheets. Simply sign up for and login to to access the data. Once logged in, click on the links below to download the datasets as spreadsheets.

The primary source of the datasets is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


World production of major meats 2006-2011 

World poultry meat production trend 

World egg production trend  

How countries/regions compared for chicken meat production, consumption and trade in 2010  

Meat growth projection to 2020 

Poultry meat consumption forecasts 

Chicken meat consumption projection 

 Broiler meat production projections by country 

Broiler meat trade and price projections 

Poultry meat balance projection by country 

Meat export trends 

USA poultry forecasts  

European Union broiler outlook to 2025 

Forecasts for world poultry meat to 2020 

Poultry meat production by region 2000-2011 

World poultry meat production by species  

Broiler meat production by country  

Poultry meat trade by world region 

Evolution of world exports of poultry meat with other meats 


Trade in broiler and turkey meats by USA and other major trading countries 

Duck meat production by country 

Turkey meat production by country 

World egg production overview by country in 2009 

World egg production by weight 

EU laying hens percent by housing type 

EU layer numbers by housing type 

Largest egg producing countries in 2009 

Egg exports by country 2000-2008 

Eggs in shell imports by country 

Changes in US chicken performance 

GDP annual change by world region 

GDP annual change by country 

GDP growth in Southeast Asia 

World human population 2000-2010 

Population changes by region 1990-2050 

Poultry meat consumption comparison by region 

Poultry meat consumption per person/year by world region 

Chicken meat consumption by country 

Egg consumption per person by country 

World total feed production by year 

European Union annual feed production by species