Cargill has added itself to the list of companies rejecting a type of Syngenta corn, Viptera, genetically modified to protect the crop against insect damage.

Another company, Bunge North America, is currently being sued by Syngenta for refusing to accept the corn. Cargill has said that Syngenta must first gain regulatory approval for the corn type from the European Union. "Cargill strongly values its right to accept or restrict products of agricultural biotechnology, dependent on the approval status in export markets and needs of our customers," said Cargill spokeswoman Nicole Reichert. "Consistent with our long-standing wet milling position, Cargill cannot accept Viptera at these facilities until it has received regulatory approvals in the EU."


Viptera has been approved for shipment to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines and Taiwan. Syngenta is currently working on approval to China.