At the National Chicken Council 57th Annual Conference October 5, in Washington, D.C., a panel of senior executives from U.S. chicken processing companies gave an overall optimistic outlook for the industry, addressing current agricultural, public affairs, legislative, regulatory, political, economic and world trade issues.

This valuable presentation from the NCC Industry Outlook Panel is available as a series of six videos. Simply login or signup as a user on to access the videos, click on the links below and catch all that happened at the industry panel discussion. This video presentation is sponsored by: Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry 

Part 1: Assessment of chicken industry economics 

Discussion of how to characterize the year 2011, and the condition of the chicken industry.

Part 2: Poultry companies' international competition, customer channels 

Discussion of international competition for US poultry companies, which customer channel has been hardest by the economic downturn and introducing new products to the market.

Part 3: Chicken industry profit forecast and capital expenditures 

Discussion of potential capital expenditures, profitability forecasts and economic cycles in the poultry industry.


Part 4: Will beef companies enter the chicken industry? . . . and more 

Discussion of whether beef companies will enter the chicken business, good news for the chicken industry in 2012, relations with Russia and retailer margins.

Part 5: Prices of competing proteins, broiler weights, external factors 

Discussion of the price of competing proteins, such as chicken and beef, broiler weights and external factors potentially driving the future of the industry.

Part 6: Risks: Grain price volatility, poultry product recalls and adjusting supply 

Discussion of volatility in grain prices, poultry product recalls and adjusting supply in the chicken industry.

Don Jackson, president and CEO, JBS USA, moderated the discussion, and the panelists included:

  • Bill Andersen, senior vice president, Keystone Foods
  • Mike Helgeson, CEO, GNP Company
  • Mark Kaminsky, COO and CFO, Koch Foods
  • Clint Rivers, senior vice president, Operations, Perdue Farms