The value of Brazil’s pig meat exports rose by 5.33% in August; however, by volume, exports were 3.8% lower. Exports were worth US$122 million in August, and amounted to 47.689 tons.

The decrease in volume sales has been attributed to Russia’s restrictions on Brazilian pig meat exports and unfavorable exchange rates — the average price of Brazilian pig meat exports rose by 9.46% in August. “Happily, the growth in exports of pig meat to Hong Kong and the Ukraine compensated for the losses to Russia," said Pedro de Camargo Neto, president of the pig producers and exporters association, ABIPECS. "Brazil has reduced its dependence on Russia significantly.”


Over the first eight months of 2011, the volume of pig meat exported by Brazil fell by 3.41% in comparison with the same period in 2010, while by value exports grew by 7.43%. During this period, the country exported 348,844 tons, with a value of US$951.21 million.