Aquaculture feed producer EWOS is sponsoring an Improvers’ Program extension to the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation’s Global Standard for Responsible Supply.

The Improvers' Program will assist fishmeal and fish oil factories that fall short of compliance with the existing responsible supply standard for fish stock management and/or food safety and traceability in their factories. Program applicants must follow an approved, independently audited improvement plan, typically within a time frame of three to six years. Upon successful completion, the factories will then be eligible to apply for full IFFO responsible supply certification.


EWOS' sponsorship will assist with the cost of setting up the Improvers Program and identifying potential candidates. 

“IFFO greatly appreciates EWOS’ support for this initiative and its commitment to our objective of increasing supplies of responsibly sourced marine ingredients. Sustainable supplies of aquaculture feed are essential for the responsible expansion of the industry," said IFFO director general, Jonathan Shepherd.