The wholesale price of live weight chicken in New Delhi has gone up from INR 72 (US$1.53) per kilogram to INR 93 (US$1.98) per kilogram in just over a month on short supplies, an increase of over 29%, according to the data released by the poultry federation of India. 

Correspondingly, the retail price of dressed chicken has jumped by 50%, from INR 120 (US$2.56) per kilogram to INR 180 (US$3.83) per kilogram. A rise in humidity and a corresponding hike in power rates have also contributed to the gain in prices, according to the industry. Even wholesale egg prices have gone up, from INR 2.45 (US$0.05) per piece to INR 2.60 (US$0.06).  


Wholesale broiler prices have remained relatively stable at between INR 62 (US$1.32) and INR 70 (US$1.49) per kilogram, depending on the area. Poultry feed prices have held steady at INR 19,600 (US$417.57) per metric ton.