Dozens of French pig producers staged protests against low pig prices and lack of government action at the SPACE livestock event in Rennes, France.


The protesters also demanded action against retailers that were charging consumers more for pork while paying lower prices to pig producers. The farmers claim that they are losing up to €15 on every pig that they finish and sell. Pig producers are demanding some action from the French government to help them improve conditions, or else they are threatening to cut off all relations with the ministry of agriculture. Protesters said they would also like to see the European Union’s agricultural policy restructured to recognize the problems within the pig industry and to force prices up for high-quality French pork.
SPACE is celebrating its 25th anniversary and organizers are reporting record attendance and more exhibitors at this year’s show. Exhibitions Manager Paul Kerorton said the number of pig industry exhibitors has remained stable in spite of the problems currently facing the animal agriculture industry in Europe.