More than 400 delegates are already registered for the 2011 Annual Conference of the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation, to be held on Oct. 16 through 20.

The conference theme, the role of marine ingredients in feeding the world, will be represented in discussions on:


  • the fishmeal sector’s development from an inward-looking industry supplying ingredients for land animal feed and margarine to an integral part of responsible value chains for aquaculture and healthy omega-3 oils;
  • industry challenges in Asia, with a focus on how the rising demand for fish in a more affluent Asia can be addressed and improving the sustainability of fisheries in South East Asia;
  • the Peruvian fishmeal industry;
  • the bigger picture on food and fisheries by UN FAO and the World Bank;
  • climate change;
  • building a positive public image for salmon farming; and
  • the latest developments in markets for healthy omega-3 from fish oil.