Weltec Biopower GmbH has established its fifth biogas plant in the Czech Republic, with construction taking four months from start to finish.

After casting the concrete floor slabs in March, the construction of the 2,500-cubic-meter stainless steel fermenter, the combined heat and power generation plant and the 35-cubic-meter vertical dosing feeder started in the same month. The setup of the biogas plant equipment was finished in May. The gas started flowing through the pipes in early May and the final approval of the test operation was granted in June.


The Weltec biogas plant has a biogas emergency flare and operates without a hygienization unit and separation unit. In the CHP, a CHP unit with 366 kW output produces the electricity that is fed into the grid. The plant is fed with substrates and manure of the operator and farms in the vicinity: pig manure, grass silage, maize silage, crop silage and grain waste.