The U.S. is challenging the 54% to 65% duties China has imposed on roughly 35 poultry exporters, saying the country is improperly using trade remedy laws and appealing to the World Trade Organization. 

China, which put the duties in place after the U.S. raised barriers to imports of Chinese chickens, has said it is in line with WTO rules. "It's a case that has implications for an estimated 300,000 American farmers and workers throughout the U.S. poultry supply chain," said U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Pilgrim's, Tyson Foods and Keystone Foods are among the poultry exporters affected by the duties.


China is accusing the companies of selling in China at below market prices and receiving government subsidies. The U.S. says China has not accurately calculated the U.S. cost of production, did not objectively examine the evidence it received from U.S. industry and made other errors, on top of not following WTO rules in their investigations.