Beginning Oct. 1, certification bodies in the UK will start assessing Red Tractor Assurance farm members against revised Farm Scheme Standards.

The changes affect the standards across various agricultural sectors, including poultry, pigs, beef and lamb, crops, dairy and fresh produce and are the result of a regular review of the standards to ensure they continue to be in line with legislation and reflect good agricultural practices consistent with industry needs and expectations. “At Red Tractor, we’re committed to ensuring high standards in food and farming," said Red Tractor CEO David Clarke. "This latest review helps to ensure that the Red Tractor Standards continue to progress in line with the latest industry needs without adding unnecessary costs or complexity.”


Red Tractor is the UK’s leading quality food assurance mark guaranteeing food safety, quality and traceability. Its standards cover animal welfare, food safety and environmental practices and have been developed to include regulatory requirements, best industry practice and, at the same time, be practical, achievable and fit for purpose.

Details of the changes can be found at: