With the import of milk powder in the first six months of 2011 exceeding the total of 2009, China has become the largest milk powder import market, according to the latest statistics from the 2011 China (Beijing) International Dairy Fair.


The China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuff and Native Produce revealed that the import volume of milk powder increased from 140,000 tons in 2008 to 310,000 tons in 2009, a 121% increase. The figure rose to 480,000 tons in 2010, up 55% from 2009. According to the CCCFNP, the numbers are partly due to China having the largest population in the world and a corresponding strong demand for milk powder, and partly due to the domestic milk industry's continuing need to win back the consumers’ confidence after the melamine-tainted milk powder scandal and other food scandals.