Turkeys raised in the U.S. during 2011 have reached 248 million head, up 2% from the number raised during 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

A combination of six states account for nearly two-thirds of the turkeys produced in the U.S. during 2011: Minnesota, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia and Indiana. The largest turkey producing state is Minnesota, at 46.5 million turkeys, down 1% from 2010. North Carolina remained unchanged from 2010, producing 30 million turkeys. Arkansas also produced 30 million turkeys, 7% higher than 2010 numbers. Missouri remained unchanged, producing 18 million turkeys. Virginia increased the number of turkeys raised compared to the previous year by 3%, at 17.5 million. Indiana remained unchanged from 2010 numbers at 16 million turkeys.


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