Chile’s poultry producers’ association, APA, was established to promote the efficiency, development and protection of the interests of the poultry and related industries.

The association was established in 1991 and its membership comprises the country’s major poultry producers representing 97% of national chicken and turkey production.

The main activities of the association are:


  • To represent the aims of the poultry sector with Chile’s national authorities;
  • To promote the sector’s interests in the areas of health and safety, and market access through sanitary agreements;
  • To represent the poultry industry with various national and international organizations, including the International Poultry Council and the Latin American Poultry Association;
  • To provide members with technical information, including production data, and commercial and regulatory information at national and international levels;
  • To carry out technical projects that aid the development of the poultry industry through research and cooperation with institutes and universities at home and overseas;
  • To carry out all those actions relating to the health status of the Chilean flock and the quality of Chilean meat;
  • To develop technical and commercial programmes that can help the industry to grow exports, both through maintaining and consolidating current markets and in winning new one; and
  • To deliver information on the poultry industry through maintaining relationships with the press.

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