The Research Institute of Feed Technology in Germany will hold a workshop, "Safe Feed for Healthy Food," on November 6 providing comprehensive details on sampling and analytical tools in the feed chain.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn more about current research topics and the specific research work in a big European Framework project, FP6 Research Project BIOTRACER IP. The aim of this project was to improve the present methods for tracing contaminants in the food and feed chains. More discussions during the workshop will cover:


  • New aspects of sampling for Salmonella and mycotoxins
  • Specific aspects of sampling in mash feed
  • Performance of the detection methods for Salmonella in feed
  • Improved analysis methods for mycotoxins
  • Does acid treatment of feed really work?
  • Release of sampling video for the feed industry
  • EU and Non EU hand-in-hand: Mycotoxin and Salmonella risks related to imported feedstuffs

More information and registration for the workshop can be obtained on the IFF website.