Argentina exports 18% of its total broiler meat production and aims to increase this share to 25% by 2017, according to reports.

Of the 60 countries Argentina currently exports to, Venezuela is its top destination, receiving 60,000 metric tons of meat, while Chile comes in second at 30,000 metric tons of meat annually. Argentina also expects its domestic consumption of chicken meat to grow from the current 39 kilograms per head per year to 45 kilograms by 2017. In 2003, that number was just 21 kilograms. “Argentina only recently entered the world poultry market, but its low cost structure and favorable sanitary status make it a key player to meet growing global demand, providing it continues to invest in expansion," said a spokesperson for Dutch-based agro-investment bank Rabobank. “Although Argentina’s poultry industry is relatively concentrated, opportunities remain for consolidation by large domestic companies or foreign players entering the market.”


Argentina currently has roughly 40 poultry companies throughout the country, producing a total of 1.7 million tons of meat.