Compassion in World Farming made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority questioning the validity of Assured Food Standards’ current pig meat advertising campaign.

The campaign features "Pork Not Porkies" posters across the UK that claim pork stamped with a Red Tractor logo is high-welfare pork, which Compassion calls "untrue and misleading." According to compassion, about 80% of British pigs are reared within the Red Tractor scheme. The group says it supports the use of higher welfare free-range systems that are used for some pig rearing; however, Compassion claims that the majority of pigs are raised in pens or other confined, restrictive farrowing crates and have their tails docked, which are actions not supported by Compassion.


“Red Tractor pig farmers are proud of their welfare standards and we stand by the statement in our adverts," British Pig Executive said in a statement.

The full letter from Compassion in World Farming to ASA can be viewed online.