The World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of all aspects of poultry science and the poultry industry.

Coming close to celebrating its centenary year, the origins of World’s Poultry Science Association go back to the early years of the 20th century with the foundation of the International Association of Poultry Instructors in 1912.
The main impetus for the establishment of the organization came from the UK and the USA. However, there were 19 countries in total that attended the first meeting with participants coming from the Americas, Europe, and Asia and Australia - not a small achievement!

As with many things, the First World War hampered the organization’s development, and so it was not until 192, at the First World’s Poultry Congress, in the Hague, the Netherlands, that the organization started to become properly active.

The WPSA’s membership is now approaching 7,000, and the organization plays a major role in encouraging and facilitating liaison between research scientists and educators, and between members of these groups and those working in various parts of the industry. It relies on subscription income to function, but also accepts sponsorship from poultry companies to help meet the costs of the World’s Poultry Science Journal.


The organization achieves its objectives in various ways. These range from international congresses and conferences to a variety of meetings organized by the WPSA national branches, which now number 60, and its two federation branches – in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. Within the association, there are working groups and committees addressing various aspects of poultry science and technology.

All WPSA members can attend the World Congresses, regional conferences and other meetings that may be organized. In return for their subscriptions, members also receive the World’s Poultry Science Journal, published four times a year.

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