WATT Publishing has launched Poultry International Resource Focus, a regularly updated directory of key organizations worldwide serving the poultry and egg industries.

Over the last couple of years, Poultry International has been focusing in each issue on a key player in the poultry industry, the egg industry or in a related sector. Now, all these entries have been brought together in one, easy-to-use reference resource at www.wattagnet.com/27343.html.

If you need to know who represents Chile’s poultry producers, or where to find out about egg processing in Europe, the Poultry International Resource Focus should be your first port of call. As well as looking at representatives of primary poultry meat and egg production, the Poultry International Resource Focus offers you details of packaging organizations, international standard setting organizations and those organizations conducting research into poultry meat and eggs.


Each entry offers details of whom that particular organization represents, explains what exactly it does and offers a link to the home page of each particular body — a poultry and egg directory of organizations.

This is an ongoing resource that WATT is continuing to expand and build each month. So be sure to keep visiting to see whether we have included the organization that you have been looking to identify.

If there's an organization you'd like included, please contact Poultry International Editor Mark Clements, at mclements@wattnet.net