U.S poultry and egg exports are up through September 2011 compared to 2010 numbers, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's latest meat trade data.

Broiler exports reached 5.11 billion pounds in the January through September 2011 period, compared to 4.81 billion pounds during the same time in 2010. Mexico was the largest target of exports during this period, receiving 751 million pounds of broiler meat. Hong Kong came in second, with 412 million pounds exported. Other chicken exports reached 68.82 million pounds during the January-September 2011 time period, up from 2010's 58.28 million pounds.


Turkey exports hit 504 million pounds, up from 2010's 408 million pounds, according to the USDA. Of the countries the U.S. exported to, Mexico was the top recipient, importing 283 million pounds of turkey meat. China came in second, importing 67.5 million pounds of meat.

U.S. egg exports in the January-September 2011 period came to 209.89 million dozen, up from 2010's 191.79 million dozen. Of the various countries exported to, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada rounded out the top three, with 35.56 million dozen, 29.23 million dozen and 29.14 million dozen eggs imported.