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Aviagen's Alabama mill has seen natural gas use drop by 28% since the upgrades.
on November 17, 2011

Aviagen poultry feed mill saves energy, expands production

Company has seen electric, gas, diesel costs go down since upgrades

Aviagen's newly expanded poultry feed mill in Athens, Ala., is producing 30% more feed while reducing its electric, natural gas and diesel gas costs by $169,836 and cutting its CO² emissions by 615 tons, according to the company.

The 2010 expansion, which focused on sustainable practices, added new equipment and procedures ensuring the biosecurity of pelletized and crumbled feed for Aviagen's Pedigree operation in Tennessee and to 115 company poultry farms in Alabama. “Our Athens mill expansion is achieving all our goals,” said Richard Obermeyer, Aviagen’s director of feed production. “We grew capacity, ensured biosecurity and cut costs. But the added benefit is that we enhanced the sustainability of our feed mill operation by reducing energy consumption across the board.” 

After the upgrades, electricity consumption dropped by 15%, natural gas use dropped by 28% and diesel fuel savings came in at $63,200, according to Aviagen.

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