An independent panel of experts has unified to form the Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group, and has already held several meetings on the topics of necrotic enteritis and dysbiosis.

The IHSIG meetings serve as a forum where experts can discuss current challenges of intestinal health management, with the goal of a better understanding of intestinal disorders and/or infections. ”Although necrotic enteritis is well studied, many research programs are still ongoing to get a better understanding of the disease,” said Professor Van Immerseel at the first meeting. “One of the activities of the IHSIG group is to establish common guidelines. For example, the IHSIG group has been discussing the utilization of uniform guidelines on how to score an affected gut.” IHSIG is working on forthcoming actions and will continue to meet frequently to work on the topic of intestinal health management and further prevention of necrotic enteritis using alternative solutions to antibiotics.


Members of IHSIG include:

  • Professor Dr. H.M. Hafez (Free University Berlin, Germany) - chairman
  • Professor Dr. Ir. Filip Van Immerseel (Ghent University, Belgium) -chairman
  • Dr. Maria Francesch (IRTA, Spain)
  • Dr. Luca Bano (Istituto Zooprofilattico, Italy)
  • Professor Magne Kaldhusdal (National Veterinary Institute, Norway)
  • Richard Rietema DVM (Pluimveepraktijk Noord-Oost; The Netherlands)
  • Maarten De Gussem DVM (Vetworks BVBA, Belgium)
  • Professor Roberto Marcello La Ragione (Veterinary Laboratories Agency, UK)
  • Dr. Christine BUREL (ANSES Ploufragan, France)