The University of Georgia poultry science department recently received a $16,334 student recruiting grant from the USPOULTRY Foundation.

The department uses funds from the Foundation to attract students to its majors through summer programs, which introduce high school students to the field of poultry science, according to Dr. Mike Lacy, professor and head of the department. "Funds are also used to create recruiting materials to help students who already attending UGA, but are not familiar with the poultry science department, become aware of the tremendous number and diversity of career opportunities available in the poultry industry," said Lacey.


The USPOULTRY Foundation board recently approved student recruiting grants totaling more than $180,000 to six U.S. universities with poultry science departments and 14 other institutions with poultry programs. The Foundation provides annual recruiting funds to colleges and universities to attract students to their poultry programs.